Torbjörn Flygt
Torbjörn Flygt was born in 1964 and lives in Malmö. He made his literary debut in 1995 with the novel Längsta ögonblicket/The Longest Moment. In 2001 Torbjörn Flygt was awarded Sweden's most important literary prize, Augustpriset (The August Award), for his novel Underdog. The book was also selected to the best literary novel in 2001 by the Swedish Bookseller's Association.

Torbjörn Flygt is an author that completely masters the art of storytelling. He is funny without lacking nuance, his direct language and highly narrative talent turn his characters to flesh and blood and make his stories come to live. He has a voice entirely of his own in the present generation of younger authors and he writes about people we seldom meet in the new literature. Torbjörn Flygt has been praised for his story-telling skill - in his novels as well as in his performances.

Translation rights have been sold to Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland and Lithuania.